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Our decades of experience and compassion in Healthcare elightened us to the formation of Med Core Consultancy to provide a seamless service . Med Core is a professional management consultancy services company to the Healthcare sector along with an end to end state of the art innovative IT Solutions, management services and best health assistance.

Med CoreConsultancy  Services provides  medical  assistance  for Insurance Company members and Individual patient’s   . Our core expertize is to coordinate with appropriate medical facilities in and outside the kingdom of Bahrain as per the medical condition of the patients to avail the medical management in an affordable price.


Medcore mission is to be a regional  leader in providing appropriate  solutions to the professional entities as well as individual at large. Our strategy to provide best alternate solution to the customer at their door steps. We are committed to improve our services and enhancing customer experience in the new era of Digital World.

What we provide

Our services

Management Consultancy

To provide advice, guidance and operational assistance to the business entities on management issues .

  • Strategic & Operational planning.
  • To provide Tools which will help business entities to decide in the subject that are financial in nature.
  • To achieve marketing objectives and policies.
  • Human Resources policies.
  • Production scheduling, controls, loss minimization and planning.

Computer Programming Activities

  • To provide ready to use software
  • Customization of existing / new software
  • To Provide Gap analysis in the core system compare to market standard
  • API with payer / service provider.
  • End to end support in the process design.
  • Business Operation Process Automation.

Medical Tourism

To provide assistance in,

  • Service provider where treatment is available
  • Identifying specialist doctor who has good reputation in the market
  • Estimated Cost of treatment
  • Arranging appointment with the doctor
  • Travel assistance.

Medcore mission is to be a regional leader in providing appropriate solutions to the professional entities as well as individual at large

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Best Consulting Services

Best Consulting Services

Best Consulting Services

Best Consulting Services

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