To guard the latest rights away from persons who are members of a good family: step 1

Article 68. The steady and you may monogamous connection anywhere between two persons with no other matrimony ties who’ve a familiar-law household, with the lapse of your time and you will underneath the criteria and you will products provided for by law, shall take advantage of the exact same legal rights and you will obligations ones group bound from the official matrimony connections.

Blog post 69. Responsible motherhood and fatherhood are fostered; plus the parents might be obliged to take proper care, boost, educate, offer, and supply on integrated invention and you can shelter of one’s legal rights of the pupils, particularly when they are ily possessions try approved when it comes to count and on the cornerstone of criteria and you can limitations provided to possess by law. The right to throw in the towel history and inherit was approved. step 3. The state shall guarantee the equivalence out-of legal rights from inside the decision-making toward government of the marital commitment therefore the mutual possession regarding assets. cuatro. The official will protect mothers, fathers and those who are definitely the minds out of family relations, throughout the do it of their loans and you may should pay attention so you’re able to family members with separated for some reason. 5. The state will give the new joint obligation away from each other mommy and you can father and will monitor satisfaction of one’s common responsibilities and you can legal rights ranging from parents, dads, and kids. six. De rights, without any consideration made available to kinship otherwise use records. seven. No declaration of top-notch the fresh kinship is going to be needed during joining the newest delivery and no identity file should make reference to the kind of kinship.

Article 70. The state shall draw up and apply guidelines to achieve equality anywhere between women and men, through the certified apparatus put up legally, and will popular the brand new gender strategy in the plans and software and should give technology assistance for its compulsory administration from the social markets.

Blog post 71. Characteristics, otherwise Pacha Mother, in which life is reproduced and you may happen, comes with the directly to inbuilt regard for its lives and also for the constant maintenance and you may regeneration of their existence want local dating site time periods, construction, services and you will evolutionary techniques.

Post 73

The individuals, groups, peoples and countries can label up on public government so you can impose the brand new liberties regarding characteristics. So you’re able to demand and you may understand these legal rights, the guidelines established on the Structure are seen, due to the fact suitable.

The official will render bonuses to help you natural individuals and courtroom organizations and groups to protect character and provide esteem having the aspects spanning a surroundings.

Post 72. Character has the straight to feel recovered. This restoration will be apart from the duty of your County and you may sheer persons or courtroom agencies to pay people and you can groups you to definitely trust affected sheer systems.

In those cases of severe or permanent environmental feeling, and additionally men and women because of the latest exploitation of nonrenewable pure tips, the official will establish the best components to really have the restoration and you will will embrace adequate procedures to get rid of or mitigate hazardous environmental consequences.

The state will pertain precautionary and you may restrictive measures on factors that might lead to the new extinction out-of types, the destruction regarding ecosystems therefore the long lasting adjustment out of pure schedules

Blog post 74. Individuals, organizations, peoples, and regions shall feel the to benefit from the environment plus the sheer money permitting them to gain benefit from the long distance out of way of living.

Environment properties shall not subject to appropriation; the production, birth, have fun with and you may invention is going to be regulated by County.

Article 75. Folks has got the straight to free accessibility justice and you can brand new active, impartial and you may expeditious defense of their legal rights and you may appeal, at the mercy of the guidelines away from quick and you may quick enforcement; within the no circumstances should there feel shortage of right security. Incapacity so you’re able to follow judge rulings is going to be punishable by-law.

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